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Where every adventure has fun, movement, and fresh air.

You wanna do something fun but bars and drinking seem to be your only option?


Our events get ya sweaty, make ya laugh, and leave ya with a happy heart.


"FAM and founder Molly Taylor bring enthusiasm, fun, and sweat to everything they do. Molly’s classes always manage to push you just past where you’re comfortable but never to the breaking point. The movements are dynamic, the music is great, and Molly’s energy always manages to convince me I can do 4 more reps of something that I thought was surely about to kill me. Classes are the perfect combination of strength and mobility and they’ve become the cornerstone of my week."


 KC Marold


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When you combine the outdoors with fitness and small businesses, you get a FAM pop-up. If you're looking to sweat, laugh, and shop small, you've found the perfect spot!


Outdoor School

Designed for both introverts and extroverts, we'll play outside, sit around the fire staring at the beautiful flames, make new friends, and glamp in charmed spaces.



Getting to the top of our local volcano, Mt St Helens, is on every PNWesterners bucket list. FAM is here ready to make it happen for you.


Hey! We're Fresh Air Movement but you can call us FAM.


We host fun fitness events in rad locations all over the PNW. We create adventures for people sick of being stuck at home and wanting more out of life. After one of our events, you feel stronger, happier, and everything seems more possible.


If you’ve ever wanted to workout with Sasquatch, climb a mountain, or meet incredible people, you should join FAM.

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