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Fun Outdoor Fitness Adventures with Fresh Air movement

Going on adventures
every chance we get!

We are a team of women who love adventure and taking people with us.

It started with Molly wanting to teach fitness classes, but outdoors. Those heart pumpin' classes then grew to add small business vendors, guest instructors, and more rad outdoor locations. When a group of us climbed Mount Saint Helens for the first time FAM TREKS and OUTDOOR SCHOOLS were born. We loved how hard we worked our bodies, how much we laughed, and the sheer enjoyment we got out of cheering each other on and seeing each other succeed. 

Through FAM our clients and friends have meditated at a winery, cried on top of a mountain, supported hundreds of female small business owners, tye-dyed almost every article of clothing they own, made flower crowns, and worked out with Sasquatch. 
FAM is who we are. Putting smiles on people's faces is what we do.

Women Adventuring
Molly Taylor

Molly is the founder of FAM and only cares about putting a smile on your face. She will motivate you like no one else to jump higher, plank longer, and dance during the transitions.

Women Who Adventure
Heidi Waltermire

This FAM co-captain puts safety first above all else. Her extensive training in body mechanics is the foundation for our TREKS mountain prep workout programs. She is calm under pressure and focuses on helping you see what you can really do.

Women's Adventure Travel
Jen LaRoche
CFO (chief feel-good officer)

The kindest mountain prep coach on our team, this one will help you do whatever you need to achieve your goal. A masterful and licensed massage therapist plus trainings in yoga and spin, Jen is absolutely someone you want in your FAM.

meet the fam.png
Women's Adventure Trips
Taylor Duty
CFO (chief fact officer) 


The smartest gal on the crew. She is a friend first, mountain coach second, fabulous instructor third, and our lawyer. Boy, does she get put to use.

Women's Group Portland
Carla McHattie
CFO (chief food operator) 

More creative than your college art professor, this jack-of-all-trades not only cooks up the finest, freshest, most fantastic food for our pop-ups and outdoor schools but also makes the pottery vessels the food goes on! She is a record-making athlete, a fierce and loyal friend, and someone who always keeps us on our toes.

Women Who Support Women
Guest Instructor
CGI (chief guest instructor)

At our pop-ups and outdoor schools, we find the smartest, the kindest, and the most fun instructors to come teach with us. We welcome instructors with backgrounds in all modalities, from yoga and shuffle dancing to strength training, natural movement, and animal flows. Know a great instructor? Send us their info! We love meeting new people and helping them build their audience.  

Here's how we can adventure together ⏤

Adventure with Purpose


When you combine the outdoors with fitness and small businesses, you get a FAM pop-up. If you're looking to jump, sweat, laugh, and support small local companies, you've found the right spot!

Mountain Prep Training Program


Getting to the top of local mountains like Helens and Adams are on every PNWesterners bucket list and FAM is ready to make it happen for you.

Mt. St. Helens Hike

"FAM has been the one constant that's kept me going for the last 18 months. Molly and Heidi have completely changed my life in terms of how I view movement and exercise. I've never felt so strong and more like I'm coming into my own identity as a person and I am eternally grateful to FAM for being one of the driving forces of that."

Emily Bynum

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