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Can kids come to your events?

Kids are welcome to join FAM Pop-ups. Our Treks and ODSs are adults only.

Are your events women only?

Absolutely NOT. We support all humans in having fun and feeling good. All are welcome to join FAM.


How hard are your workouts?

Each workout is different but can accommodate most fitness levels. If you are currently injured, you should talk to a doctor before joining us. Otherwise, come see us before class starts and we can brainstorm how best to support you.

What about COVID?

We don't believe in covid. JUST KIDDING. We 100% do believe in covid plus we perform all the recommended precautions at every event against spreading covid. This includes but is not limited to having all teachers and coaches vaccinated. 

What's your refund policy?

We do not give refunds but we provide gift cards for future use on FAM events minus the costs incurred. 

What do I need to bring for classes?

All our Pop-up classes are propless. All you will need to bring is a yoga mat.


As for the classes we host online to prepare our people to climb Helens or the ones we host at outdoor schools, we will give you advance notice if you need anything extra. Most of our classes are designed propless or will use common things around your house like water bottles, step stools, or a backpack. 

How far in advance can I book?

If the event is up, you can book it! We hope to post events 6 months ahead of time so you have plenty of time to schedule FAM into your busy life. 

Will you ever host events abroad?

Yes! You wannna go?  The more we know our crew wants to go the sooner we will make it happen.

I have an idea. Are you up for requests, suggestions, or getting hired for private events?

Ummmm, do horses love sugar cubes? The answer is yes. A thousand times, yes. Let's chat. 

helens faq
How long does it take to climb?

The Helens trek is a day trip and each group finishes at different times.

At 5am the whole group sets out together through the trees. Once we reach the 2.5 mile mark we separate into 3 groups. You will self assign into the group you think is the best fit for your hiking speed.


  • The 1st group typically finishes around 2pm.

  • The 2nd group typically finishes around 3:30pm.

  • The 3rd group typically finishes around 5pm.


What if I have a fear of heights?

As everyone is different we cannot guarantee the mountain’s height won’t spook you. What we can say is that we have had many climbers with a fear of heights (some pretty severe) who have climbed without issue.

Heidi, one of our coaches and FAM Co-Captain, has a fear of heights and pretty severe anxiety. She has created several tools to help her and others like her get past the fear and get to the top. Send a message through our contact page and she would be very happy to discuss her experience with you to see if joining us is the right move. 

How many miles is the hike?

It depends on the weather as there are two route options. When it comes to your safety and ease of journey, it’s good to have options. 1 week before our climb date we choose the route with the safest conditions.


Here are the lengths of both routes: 

  • Worm Flows Climbing Route = 12 miles round trip  

  • Monitor Ridge Climbing Route =  10 miles round trip 

What are the risks?

Hiking anywhere comes with risks. Anything that can happen on a hike or walking down a city sidewalk can happen while hiking Helens. As you are adults in charge of your wellness, we cannot guarantee you won’t get hurt. We do our best to coach you but the reality is that it comes down to you and your ability on the mountain. Before we scare you away let us say this:


The only injuries FAM friends have sustained on Helens are scraped knees, scraped hands, and bruised butts.

What about bringing my child?

We have had some great experiences with people bringing kids and some really rough experiences. We love your little darlings but before you sign them up ask yourself this question:


Is my kid emotionally mature enough to handle being intimidated + tired on the side of a mountain? 


If yes, then send us a message through our contact page and let’s talk more about your young one. If no, please understand this is not the environment to shock your kid into maturity as it could put their life and ours at risk. 

Do I have to camp the night before?
No. You do not. The coaches all sleep in their cars or a tent at the trailhead the night before but you have other options to choose from.
What kind of fitness shape do I need to be in?

In a perfect world we would say anyone at any fitness level can do our program and safely climb Mt St Helens. In another perfect world, everyone that signs up for our Helens training program would follow our outlined fitness program to a “T”.

Since our world is not perfect and we cannot make you adhere to our training program it’s very important to set real fitness expectations for a mountain climb. This task is very challenging as there is no one way to qualify the proper base fitness level needed. Here is our attempt to put the base level of fitness we recommend to climb Mount St. Helens into black and white form.

You should be able to: 

  • Hike flattish terrain for 10 miles in under 5 hours.

  • Perform jumping jacks, jump rope, or spin on a bike at top speed for 7 minutes straight. 

  • Climb 10 flights of stairs with zero breaks and without getting light headed.

If you have further questions send us a message through our contact page and let’s talk. 

What's your refund policy?

We are a very small company that is self funded. We do not do refunds. However, if you need to reschedule, alert us no less than 30 days before your climb date and we will happily reschedule you to a future date. Note, you will be subject to any price increases or costs incurred. Our company goal is to put a smile on your face so if you contact us we will do everything we can to make that happen. 

Ok, I'm all in. Where do I sign up and what are my next steps?

Yay! We are very excited to have you on board. From here go to the Summer or Fall ticket page and choose your climb date. Follow the system’s steps and you are all set! Our new philosophy is “the sooner you sign up the sooner you can start training”, so 30 minutes after purchase you receive an email with all the info and access you need to start your training today! Also in the email is the date of our first group video call. Plug that call into your calendar now to ensure your attendance.

Still have questions?

Reach out! We're here for you.

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