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01. Can kids come to your events?

Kids are welcome to join FAM Pop-ups. Our Treks and ODSs are adults only.

02. Are your events women only?

Absolutely NOT. We support all humans in having fun and feeling good. All are welcome to join FAM.


03. How hard are your workouts?

Each workout is different but can accommodate most fitness levels. If you are currently injured, you should talk to a doctor before joining us. Otherwise, come see us before class starts and we can brainstorm how best to support you.

04. What about COVID?

We don't believe in covid. JUST KIDDING. We 100% do believe in covid plus we perform all the recommended precautions at every event against spreading covid. This includes but is not limited to having all teachers and coaches vaccinated. 

05. What's your refund policy?

We do not give refunds but we provide gift cards for future use on FAM events minus the costs incurred. 

06. What do I need to bring for classes?

All our Pop-up classes are propless. All you will need to bring is a yoga mat.


As for the classes we host online to prepare our people to climb Helens or the ones we host at outdoor schools, we will give you advance notice if you need anything extra. Most of our classes are designed propless or will use common things around your house like water bottles, step stools, or a backpack. 

07. How far in advance can I book?

If the event is up, you can book it! We hope to post events 6 months ahead of time so you have plenty of time to schedule FAM into your busy life. 

08. Will you ever host events abroad?

Yes! You wannna go?  The more we know our crew wants to go the sooner we will make it happen.

09. I have an idea. Are you up for requests, suggestions, or getting hired for private events?

Ummmm, do horses love sugar cubes? The answer is yes. A thousand times, yes. Let's chat. 

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