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Mountain Prep Training Program

Mt St Helens

Mountain prep training program.

Trekking to the top of mountains like Mount Saint Helens is on every adventurer's bucket list

but let's be honest, most of us are too scared, don't want to do it alone, or lack the knowledge to smartly prepare for the climb.

Train for Mountaineering

"A few months ago, I was looking for an experience that would push me mentally and physically. When I came across the FAM trek up Mt. Saint Helens, I knew it was the perfect fit. What I didn’t expect was an experience that was truly healing. At the top of that summit I felt accomplished and changed. The FAM coaches Molly, Heidi, and Jen made me feel supported and more than anything welcomed. I can’t thank them enough for their mental encouragement, body positivity, and for offering a life changing experience."

Bria King

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Mt St Helens

  • Mount Saint Helens Training June 2024
    Mount Saint Helens Training June 2024
    LAST DAY TO SIGN UP IS MAY 22nd at 11:59pm
  • September 2024 Training: POSTPONED
    September 2024 Training: POSTPONED
    As of now, we are not hosting a September training in 2024.

Here's what you get ⏤

  • 30+ day coached online PREPARATION PLAN

  • ONLINE WORKOUTS for you to use whenever & wherever

  • Next Adventure's outdoor experts' curated GEAR GUIDE

  • 20% OFF DISCOUNT in-store at Revive fitness and Next Adventure

  • Weekly VIRTUAL MEETINGS to get you mentally prepared for your trek

  • All PERMITS & RESERVATIONS handled for you

  • FOOD, SNACKS & A CELEBRATORY BEVERAGE to help get you up, down & on to celebrating! 

  • Dope MOTIVATION throughout your training & friendly help on the mountainside


How long does it take to climb Helens?

The Helens trek is a day trip and each group finishes at different times.

At 5am the whole group sets out together through the trees. Once we reach the 2.5 mile mark we separate into 3 groups. You will self assign into the group you think is the best fit for your hiking speed.


  • The 1st group typically finishes around 2pm

  • The 2nd group typically finishes around 3:30pm

  • The 3rd group typically finishes around 5pm

What are the risks?

Hiking anywhere comes with risks. Anything that can happen on a hike or walking down a city sidewalk can happen while hiking Helens. As you are adults in charge of your wellness, we cannot guarantee you won’t get hurt. We do our best to coach you but the reality is that it comes down to you and your ability on the mountain.


Before we scare you away let us say this:


The only injuries FAM friends have sustained on Helens are scraped knees, scraped hands, and bruised butts.

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