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5 Reasons Why I Hate the Word Healthy

That’s the blog post I was supposed to write but as you will see, I didn’t. There is only one reason why I hate the word healthy: It’s triggering for people like me.

If YKYK and if you don’t, it’s hard to explain but I will kinda try.

I have been working on my disordered eating ever since I was 17. Well, that’s not true. That’s when the anorexia started which then morphed into bulimia. The healing work started when I was like 22. It then began to stick when I found out I was pregnant. Yup, my eldest’s existence gave me that soulful, can’t-deny-it, so-fucking-worth-it, out-of-my-own-self reason that was powerful enough to make me buckle down and heal.

While my disordered eating is currently in a manageable stage it’s forever something that I will be working with. Fending off these thoughts and feelings might be similar to fending off/forever working with depression, anxiety or an addiction to cigarettes. These things don’t go away and instead we learn tools and ways to work with and through the pangs.

Healthy is one of those words that I know the dictionary's meaning of and use in my business like “looking for fun healthy shit to do?”, but it twinges me. And when I am already stressed it extra twinges me.

At this point you are rationally saying, “then why don’t you eliminate using the word?”. The answer is:

  • Avoiding it only makes its effect (or is it affect, eff me I always forget) stronger.

  • The word partnered with “sh^t” works to get our message and mission across to our people.

  • Because why let one stupid word have so much control over my brain?! Pretty freeing to throw it right back out into the world and use it for the masses to see.

So yeah, healthy isn’t a devil word but to me it is annoying. How many of you hate the word moist? Sure, it’s for different reasons than my annoyance with healthy, but the feeling you get when you hear it and the uncomfortable willies that follow are totally similar.

I feel like I should end this with something prophetic like “healthy is as healthy does” or some other sh^t. But, honestly, writing this was challenging enough so I am gonna bounce.

If ya wanna tell me your words I am all ears. Heidi’s is ….. ha she wanted to give us two of her fave words instead: dangle + duodenum. Have fun saying those out loud!



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