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What To Do When the Work Week Gets You Down

Monday's, amirite?

The only things getting me through this week are knowing that soon it will be hump day and then it's TGIF, amirite!!

Friday's my day to head to Chili's, eat a quesadilla or three (pronounce both Ls, please), and throw back a fruity marg.

Juuuuuuust kidding.

That's not how I help myself feel good. And I certainly do not wait to feel happy only on Friday.

Nope. Know what I do instead?


That's right. Take this as a reminder and an order to get that booty into the woods. Don't think it's worth braving the rain? Ummm, Canadian doctors humbly disagree.


Check out this rad article I came upon. Below are a few fave quotes...

"Doctors are instructing their patients to wander park trails, feel the crunch of leaves beneath their feet and breathe in fresh air."

"'I can't shake this depression....'" Schurman {said}...Schurman's doctor prescribed her with nature time -- at least two hours a week, each time a minimum of 20 minutes. 'Within six weeks, the depression had lifted so much...," Schurman said."'

"There's almost no condition that nature isn't good for, from diabetes to high blood pressure. ADHD in children, anxiety, and depression."


Turn that frown upside down by getting outside, today and everyday.

The doctor says it's good for you.

See ya in the trees,

Heidi + Molly



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Thanks for the reminder fam ☺️

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